Si Sun Fast Food (Hong Kong Style Hamburger), Hung Hom

Si Sun Fast Food

Address: G/F, 1A Whampoa Street, Hung Hom

I’ve been meaning to try out Si Sun for a couple of years now but was a little bit put off by its location due to my laziness (aka you have to walk quite a bit to get there). Ever since I started studying in the UK, however, I realised that tasty, cheap food is hard to come by. Thus, on a rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon, I made my way over to Si Sun in search of some tasty local fare.

Famed for its Hong Kong style hamburgers, Si Sun has been in business since 1963. It’s pretty clear from the interior of the place that not much has changed since then in terms of the furnishing, as we scrambled for seats in the tightly-packed, dimly lit, yet extremely atmospheric restaurant. There’s just something so nostalgic and special about eating in one of these places that keeps me coming back for more.


I ordered the Double Cheese and Egg Hamburger (雙層芝士蛋漢堡) which cost $19- a complete bargain in my opinion! I’d have one of these over McDonalds burgers any day.

ImageUnlike the more substantial burgers you see in most Western restaurants, a Hong Kong style burger is quite simplistic and the burger I ordered in Si Sun consisted of the following:

  • Garden bread burger buns
  • Two beef patties
  • One fried egg
  • One slice of Kraft cheese
  • Homemade salad sauce

ImageBiting into the burger, you could really taste all the various elements coming together- the fluffy bun, lightly toasted with sesame seeds. The juiciness and meatiness of the patties. The soft, yolky egg and the warm cheese- all drenched in a layer of sweet mayonnaise sauce. DELICIOUS. I finished my burger in 5 minutes flat and downed it with a glass of ice-cold lemon tea.


^ (the interior of the burger. A lot of onion bits were combined into the patties and I saw a few shreds of carrot too. This served to make the patty even juicier and sweeter than it was on its own.)

Seeing as the ingredients that go into a Hong Kong style burger are very different to those of a Western style burger, I’m guessing that this burger isn’t for those that only like the taste of a “real” burger. Furthermore, this burger isn’t exceptionally big- if it weren’t for my drink I don’t think I would have been completely full afterwards.

However, for the price, and for the uniqueness of its taste, I’ll definitely be coming back to have another burger, and to perhaps try out their chicken drumsticks too!


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