Greyhound Café, Various Locations

This summer, Greyhound Café has been one of the restaurants I keep going back to over and over again. This is probably because all three of its restaurants are located in malls I frequently visit (in order to escape from the unbearable heat!) For its price, I feel that Greyhound serves up a delicious array of Thai food (with fusion influences, particularly from Western cuisine) in a relaxing, modern atmosphere. The IFC branch is probably my favourite out of the three as it boasts a view of the Harbour and the food quality just seems to be of a more consistent standard than the other two.

1. Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong
photo 4 (1)photo 5I ordered Egg noodles in curry, served with crispy noodles and a chicken drumstick (I don’t have the exact name of the dish and it doesn’t seem to be on the online menu). For the price, this was a very substantial dish. The egg noodles were drenched in the (non spicy) curry sauce, which probably compensated its texture as it was a bit too soft for my liking. The crispy noodles, however, combined very well with the curry sauce as it only soaked up the sauce to a certain extent, leaving the noodles crispy yet flavourful. The chicken drumstick was nothing special but the meat fell off the bone easily, which was good for lazy eaters such as myself. For dessert, my friends M, D and I had a pretty hard time choosing, but eventually we settled on the Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake with fresh cream. Although decadent and flavourful, the layers of crepe ensured that the dessert was still light and fluffy and didn’t take up an excessive amount of our appetites. The chocolate sauce and banana were matched perfectly, though I wish they had provided us with more banana slices.

2. IFC Mall, Central

photo 3photo 2

For appetisers, we ordered the Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings consisting of deep fried marinated mini chicken wings in fish sauce. The chicken wings were deliciously moreish. Crispy and slightly tangy from the fish sauce, these bite- sized pieces of chicken were well-seasoned and addictive. For my main course, I ordered Fried Rice with Pounded Prawn. Served with fish sauce, a fried egg, garlic pieces, green mango and dried shrimps, this dish was absolutely appetising.

3. Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui 


The Harbour City branch offers set lunches consisting of an appetiser and a main. An extra HK$30 gets you a dessert and an extra $20 gets you a drink. For my appetiser, I ordered a Caesar Salad with Country Style Dressing. The dressing was rich and thick and the salad leaves were ice-cold and crisp. However the portion I was given consisted of literally 4 salad leaves and was obviously not enough for me. As for my main course, the Fried Rice with Egg and Bacon served with Clear Soup was a simplistic, yet well-executed dish with a very ‘homemade’ feel. I love how a lot of Greyhound’s rice dishes come with a side of clear soup as it makes a filling dish slightly easier to stomach. For my drink, I ordered a Greyhound style iced lemon tea. This is my absolute favourite drink at Greyhound- the lemon tea tastes different to any other lemon tea I’ve tried before, with a more citrus-y feel to it. The tea itself also tastes stronger and richer. Furthermore, what makes this drink really special is that the ice cubes themselves are made out of tea, ensuring that the drink retains both its temperature AND its flavour throughout the meal.

For dessert, we also ordered a Coconut Ice Sherbet (not pictured)  which contained real coconut juice and bits of coconut meat- a refreshing finale to a tasty meal. 🙂

Overall I’d recommend Greyhound as a good place to have a quick lunch or to catch up with friends.


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