Gai Dan Jai at Mammy Pancake, Hung Hom

I’ve decided to start a new segment of posts titled Street Food Sundays,as a tribute to all the cheap yet tasty snacks available in Hong Kong. For my first post, I decided to venture to Hung Hom in search of what many deem the best gai dan jais in Hong Kong.

What exactly are gai dan jais? A literal translation amounts to the term “little chicken eggs”, which doesn’t really help. In reality, gai dan jais are bite-sized, egg-shaped waffles, cooked upon a stove-top iron and are available all over Hong Kong. As these are one of my all-time favourite street food snacks in Hong Kong, I’m always on the lookout for them.

Mammy Pancake

Address: Shop 2A, G/F, Whampoa Street, Hung Hom

Mammy Pancake consists of a small shop which primarily sells gai dan jais, although they also sell drinks and other popular street snacks such as siu mai. The gai dan jais come in 3 flavours- original, chocolate and sesame. I picked original as I wanted to compare these gai dan jais to ones I’ve tasted previously. However, most people in front of me opted for the chocolate variety which looks deliciously decadent, so I may try it next time I come.


Upon receiving my paper bag containing a set of plump, golden gai dan jais, what I first noticed was that they were surrounded by a ring of crust- namely the crispy excess from the gai dan jai batter. Although I’m not entirely sure whether or not it was just a fluke or standard procedure, it definitely gave these particular batch of gai dan jais an extra “kick” of uniqueness in both looks and texture.


Biting into the gai dan jais, I immediately felt a slight crunch, followed by a pillowy, eggy interior. The gai dan jais were of a perfect consistency and were not hollow unlike many others I’ve tasted in the past.

With the perfect sweetness, and great balance of crust versus chewiness, I think that I’ve found one of my favourite gai dan jai stalls. Shame that it’s so inaccessible or I’d go there every week!



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