Quemo, Wanchai


Address: 5/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai

Quemo, meaning “burning” in Spanish, opened a couple of months ago in midst of the continuing Tapas revolution that has been taking HK by storm. I came here with my friend who had highly recommended this place and I am glad to stay that it didn’t disappoint- however it did break the bank a little bit! The interior of the restaurant was dimly lighted and rustically decorated with wooden furniture, tiled floors and an open bar which contained various cold tapas.


DSC_0416I started off with a glass of sangria, which was sweet, fruity and contained just the right amount of alcohol.


The Chorizo lollipops filled with quince jelly and goat’s cheese were a delicious start to the meal. Sweet quince jelly (a fruit somewhat like a pear), together with the more neutral tasting cheese was complemented with two pieces salty chorizo. I gobbled these up quicker than a kid in a candy store!

DSC_0418Next up were the Grandma Croquetas with iberico. These fried, spherical balls of yummy goodness were crispy and breaded on the outside, and milky and gooey on the inside. However, I couldn’t exactly taste the iberico ham- but it was a delicious treat on its own.

DSC_0421The El Quim de la Boqueria’s Fried Egg with prawn was an accidental order (we thought all options of fried egg came with foie gras, but turns out only the mushroom one has it.) We were instructed to combine the fried egg and prawns together. This resulted in a gooey, crispy, yolky mixture which we dipped into with toasted bread. It was scrumptious and the prawns were sweet, succulent and nicely marinated but for the price I would have expected a few more pieces of prawn. If I come back I would definitely try out the mushroom and foie gras combination!

DSC_0422For our main course, we ordered the Squid ink pallela with cuttlefish and clams, which was easily my favourite dish of the night. Served on a large pan, the pallela was thinly spread out and contained little bits of cuttlefish. The clams were served separately alongside with a dish of alioli. The pallela itself was of a delectable texture, and deliciously sweetened due to the squid ink and the cuttlefish bits. The clams too were sweet and juicy and I enjoyed scooping up my pallela with the clam shells, placing a dollop of alioli and top and eating the pallela and clams in one bite.

DSC_0423 DSC_0425

DSC_0428Finally, for dessert (even though by now we were so full that we considered not having dessert), we opted for the Liquid bonbons– which consisted of soft chocolate dumplings with hazelnut ice cream. The chocolate dumplings were served hot and as you bit into them melted chocolate oozed out- it was similar to a death-by-chocolate encased in mochi, so you can imagine how decadent it tasted! I’ve always loved the combination of hot and cold foods so this dish was no exception- the hazelnut chocolate blended deliciously with the bonbons and was rich and flavourful.

Overall, I had an enjoyable dinner at Quemo. The service was friendly and the food delicious, although quite pricey when you added in service charge, price of water etc. If you’re looking for cheap tapas in Hong Kong this is probably not the place for you. Other than that, I would definitely give it a try!


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