Wonton Noodles at Tsim Chai Kee, Central

Tsim Chai Kee Noodle

Address: Shop B, G/F Jade Centre, 98 Wellington Street, Central

The other night, I went to Tsim Chai Kee to get my wonton noodle fix. Situated along the busy Wellington Street, it isn’t hard to miss! I decided to go here because I’ve heard about their wontons which are the size of ping pong balls and wanted to give them a try.
DSC_0415For HK$23, you get a moderately sized bowl of wonton noodles with 3 large wontons- a very reasonable price considering the location.

DSC_0413The noodles and the soup were a little bit too alkaline tasting for my liking- normally I don’t mind a faint alkaline taste but this was probably the strongest alkaline tasting wonton noodle I’ve ever tried.

DSC_0414The wontons however were delicious, with a good proportion of meat to prawn. The prawns were extremely sweet and each mouthful of wonton had a large chunk of prawn in it.

My verdict? I probably wouldn’t go all the way to Central just to come here again, but I would perhaps stop by if I was nearby. Right now Mak Man Kee wonton noodles in Jordan still has my heart!


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