Dou Fu Fa (Tofu Pudding) at 永興豆漿王, Kwun Tong


Address: G/F, 40A Yue Man Square, Kwun Tong

I found this little gem of a restaurant through Openrice and I am so happy that I went, because I’ve probably found my favourite dou fu fa place in Hong Kong! For those who don’t know what it is, dou fu fa, otherwise known as beancurd/soybean pudding, is a popular Chinese dessert made with very soft tofu. Although there are different variations across China, it is served hot/cold and sweet in Hong Kong in a ginger or clear syrup, and sprinkled with brown sugar.

This particular stall in Kwun Tong was nestled in between a busy road, and is extremely small- there are only a few sit-in areas available so you’re basically eating your food in an alleyway.


It’s hard to miss this store – from the picture above you can see soybean milk on the right hand side


^The stall was very busy and over the course of around 15-20 minutes many people stopped by to order takeway dou fu fa and soybean milk.


I promptly ordered a hot dou fu fa (it just tastes better to me; cold dou fu fa has a higher likelihood of curdling) and dug in. The dou fu fa was extremely smooth and tasted richly of soybean. I’ve eaten a lot of dou fu fa over the past 19 years of my life and for some reason many restaurants can only satisfy one of the two criteria. Furthermore, the clear syrup wasn’t overly sweet and the dou fu fa came with a huge dollop of brown sugar (which I absolutely LOVE; I practically pour spoonfuls of that stuff onto my dou fu fa).

For HK$8 only, this was the perfect late-night dessert 🙂

DSC_0433After watching many people arrive at the store to order a takeaway soybean milk, I decided to do the same to bring one home for my parents. Of course, I tried a little bit for tasting purposes 😛 The soybean milk was delicious and tasted richly of soybean, and wasn’t too sweet. Needless to say, my parents finished it up in a matter of minutes! For HK$13 I thought that this was a good price for a large bottle of milk.

If you’re a tofu lover, definitely try and come to this place! If not- they have other things to try out too, such as fried twisted dough sticks (yau zha gwai) and rice rolls.




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