Picnic @ Inspiration Lake, Hong Kong Disneyland!

This summer in Hong Kong the weather has been highly unpredictable, with sunny days from Monday-Friday and thunderstorms and typhoons during the weekend! On the rare occasion that there’s good weather on the weekend however, people in HK like to make the most of the opportunity, and that’s what my family did too- by going to a picnic!

Most of central Hong Kong is just surrounded by buildings and therefore there aren’t many ideal locations to have a picnic. However, due to the ease of the transportation system in HK it’s quite easy to get out of the city to somewhere more peaceful like Inspiration Lake, which is situated within Hong Kong’s Disneyland resort.  Parking is available but get there early as there are limited spaces, and you can also take the MTR to Disneyland and take a bus which brings you right to the entrance (Bus number R8). Entrance to Inspiration Lake is free and a 7-11 is situated within (so you don’t have to bring your own drinks).

Upon arrival we were greeted with the lovely blue skies and tranquility of the glistening, albeit manmade, lake.

DSC_0445My family prepared a number of delicious snacks and dishes: fruit salad, fried rice, smoked salmon with sourdough bread, kimbap, and garlic shrimp.We also bought siu mai from the 7-11 stall, although it wasn’t very tasty. DSC_0444 DSC_0447

DSC_0451The fruit salad (with canned fruits, apples, potatoes and egg):

DSC_0454The buttery garlic marinated shrimp:

DSC_0457The healthy and filling kimbap made by my sister:


All in all, it was a very nice day for a picnic. Try to sit close to the lake as it provides a really nice, balmy breeze throughout your stay. You can also rent bikes and paddle boats at Inspiration lake, so whether you’d rather sit back and eat, relax in nature, or do something more active, there’s something for everyone!


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