Review: 合益泰小食- Sham Shui Po


Address: G/F, 121 Lam Street, Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is an absolute street food mecca, and is littered with numerous HK-style snack stalls and restaurants. I spent one sunny Saturday afternoon sampling a few places and this one was definitely my favourite- cheung fun (rice noodle rolls)!

A little bit of background information- rice noodle rolls are a Cantonese dim sum made from rice noodle sheets (consisting of tapioca flour, rice flour and water). These sheets are then steamed and served with various sauces and sesame seeds. In many dim sum restaurants, you’ll find cheung fun studded with numerous ingredients such as char siu, shrimp, and scallops. This particular stall in Sham Shui Po just serves them plain, much like most street food stalls in Hong Kong. For takeaways, you stand in a queue and order the amount of cheung fun you want (HK$6 for 4 rolls- a very good deal) and then you essentially eat them by standing in an alleyway. I ordered 4 cheung fun rolls and chose sweet sauce, sesame sauce and sesame seeds as toppings.

photo 3 copyThe moment I put a cheung fun into my mouth I knew that it was different to any other cheung funs I’ve tasted before. The texture was both silky and springy, but not to the point that it was al dente. Furthermore, there was a very distinct rice flavour from the flour which I’ve never really been able to discern before in other cheung fun dishes. There was also another element to the cheung fun which I couldn’t put my finger on, but my friend later told me that lard was incorporated into the dish, which explained why it was so fragrant. Upon further research it seems that the lard is mixed with the sesame sauce, giving it that smooth, silky texture and taste.  I gobbled up my cheung fun in no time at all, despite the fact that I had just finished lunch!

photo 1^The cheung fun is served on a plate and you return it after eating.

photo 3My verdict? Delicious, cheap and conveniently served. I’ll definitely be back for more!


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