Biking and Snacking at Tai Mei Tuk!


Address: Pier 2, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po

One sunny Wednesday, my friend and I decided to make a spontaneous biking trip to Tai Mei Tuk. Not wanting to over-exert ourselves, we rented bikes at Tai Po Station and cycled for a few hours until we arrived at the beautiful Plover Cove Reservoir. The sky was blue, the water and wasn’t its normal shade of murky green. Needless to say, we stayed there for hours!

photo 3 copyphoto 2 copy

Afterwards, we came across a little snack shop with a lot of people, presumably bikers who stopped by for a quick food fix. There was also a sign saying that there was cold dou fu fa for sale, which, on such a hot day, really appealed to us.

photo 4

The chilled dou fu fa was refreshing and a great snack for a hot summer’s day. The stall also provided us with a tub of brown sugar of which I sprinkled liberal amounts onto my dessert.
photo 2I also ordered a stick of siu mai. It didn’t taste exceptionally good and was a bit too soft for my liking.

photo 3Finally, I ordered a frozen pineapple dessert, which consisted of a slice of canned pineapple which was subsequently frozen. Served ice-cold, it was deliciously sweet, juicy and refreshing!

photo 1 copyI was really happy to have found this snack stall during my biking expedition. The snacks were a great pick-me-up on such a hot day. The stall was also located in a very nice area overlooking a river where you could go boating on.  All in all, it was a nice day to stop by and have a quick snack before continuing on biking!


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