The Petit Café, Admiralty

The Petit Café  

Address: Shop 407, 4/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty 

Admiralty isn’t exactly a place in Hong Kong you’d associate with food- it’s pretty much filled to the brim with fast-walking businessmen/women and mainland tourists in their swarms catching the bus to Ocean Park. For those on their one hour lunch break it’s often hard to find a place which is both efficient in serving up food, yet relaxing enough that you forget the stresses of work. The Petit Café may have hit the jackpot with its unassuming, yet elegant-tasting salads, paninis, pastries and soups.

The Petit Café is under the m.a.x. concepts restaurant line, which also includes Simply Life. This explains the similar decor and café style food these two restaurants serve. I arrived at the restaurant during a busy lunchtime but luckily didn’t have to wait for a seat. Located on the 4th floor of Pacific Place, the café was fairly large and airy, with lots of natural light streaming through. Outside seating was also available but on such a hot day, most people opted sitting indoors.

For my meal, I decided to go for a small salad bowl. The server puts various salads into your box according to what you choose from the counter. I decided to opt for all 5 salads available that day: caesar salad, tomato salad with basil, pasta salad, quinoa rice salad and beetroot salad. For my drink I ordered a banana and passionfruit smoothie, and for dessert I shared a chocolate brownie with my friend.

photo 4

The Salads

  • The classic caesar salad had a lovely crunch to it and was coated with just the right amount of sauce. The croutons were large and crisp (very much to my liking!)
  • The tomato salad was juicy and contained various types of tomatoes. The basil gave the dish an extra “kick” to what would otherwise have been a fairly normal dish.
  • I really liked the chewy texture of the quinoa salad. Mixed with various other items such as pumpkin seeds, I felt that this was definitely the most unique salad out of the 5, and was my top favourite.
  • The pasta salad was coated with a pesto sauce and was predominantly olive-oil based. It was cooked al dente and was a refreshing change to the vegetables in the other salads. However I felt that this salad was a little bit too oily for my liking.
  • I’ve never really liked the watery, sweet taste of beetroot so I don’t know what compelled me to order this salad- I guess I just wanted to try every dish! (and probably because beetroot gives off such a lovely colour!)

photo 1I really loved the natural taste of the banana and passionfruit smoothie. The smoothie itself tasted mostly of banana and was not overly sweet. Interspersed between the sweet banana flavour would be little sour passionfruit seeds which gave the drink a “zing” and a more tropical feel.

photo 3Finally, the chocolate brownie was decadent and velvety, and contained some kind of fruit in it (I’m guessing it was a date or something similar). However, I’m more of a chewy brownie fan so this fudgey tasting brownie wasn’t really up my alley, but I gobbled it up nonetheless.

photo 2Overall, I felt that the Petit Café was a perfect place to have a quick lunch in relaxing surroundings. If you work in Admiralty and feel swamped with work, do yourself a favour and get a break here!


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