Wing Lok Yuen- Hong Kong Style Hotdogs, Central

Wing Lok Yuen Restaurant

Address: G/F, 19 Chiu Lung Street, Central

Hot dogs are one of my favourite grab-and-go foods- they’re tasty, cheap, served quickly and exceptionally filling. The traditional HK-style hotdogs served in Wing Lok Yuen were no different in terms of all of these various factors. I arrived at the restaurant on a busy day (a weekday lunchtime) and promptly ordered a hotdog to takeaway.

photo 2 copy*Note: the restaurant was a little bit hard for me to find- it’s along a narrow street behind the Bank of Thailand.

Once you enter the restaurant, I was ushered to the cashier where I gave them my order (I ordered a hotdog with double sausages for HK$12 as well as an obligatory iced lemon tea). One very unique element of eating here is that they give you little coloured coupons with the amount you have paid, which you then hand over to whoever is actually preparing your meal. I felt like I was playing Monopoly in real life!

photo 1 copyThe hotdog was served in a slightly toasted soft bun and dolloped with some kind of homemade salad sauce which tasted like a sweet, thousand island dressing/mayo and was exceptionally delicious. Placed in between were two soft, tender sausages (I’m presuming chicken franks or something similar). Both elements to the hot dog (the sauce + sausages) made it taste unlike any other hotdog I’ve ever tried before- but in a good way! Sweet, creamy and succulent, this snack was a perfect lunchtime treat.


adf653c00b3df3e1db25a20ea395b209If you’re looking for a hot dog with a twist, definitely try out the ones at Wing Lok Yuen!

*One thing to add: I carried these hot dogs in my bag for around 15-20 minutes before I ate them but they still tasted great. My best bet would be to eat them straight after getting your order!


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