ABC Bakery, Central

ABC Bakery

Address: G/F, 1 Gage Street, Central

I love discovering new bakeries and snack shops to visit, so when I came across this little gem of a bakery I was very excited. Situated on Gage Street, ABC Bakery ostensibly looks Chinese but actually sells a wide range of Western cakes and pastries.

photo 1Finding the bakery isn’t difficult- it’s on a very busy street around 5 minutes away from the MTR and adjacent to a 7-11 store.

photo 2

^The unassuming, simply decorated storefront

Walking into the store, you’ll be greeted by the fragrant waft of baked goods streaming from the kitchen at the back. After a few minutes of contemplation I decided to choose a chocolate walnut tart as well as a box of ABC Bakery’s famous nougats. The treats were very well-priced- perfect for a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

photo 3The chocolate walnut tart was light and crumbly, with a buttery outer crust and a flavourful inner centre which was reminiscent to that of a very fluffy brownie with a hint of walnut.

photo 4The nougats didn’t disappoint- wrapped in edible rice paper, I felt like I was eating mini snicker bars without chocolate (and I guess without the guilt as well!) The nougats were soft yet chewy but not overly sweet, which complemented the brittle texture of the nuts.

All in all, ABC Bakery is definitely a stop to make if you’re feeling peckish at any time of the day, with cheap, comforting and sweet treats.


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