Danish Bakery, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Danish Bakery

Address: G/F, Leishun Court, 106 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is synonymous with good food and good shopping- and Danish Bakery is definitely part of this collective group. Despite its misleading name, this nondescript little shop does not sell anything remotely Danish, but instead offers a range of Hong Kong- style fast food and snacks including their famous hot dogs, pork chop buns and deep-fried chicken drumsticks.

Opened in 1971, this “bakery” has been around for quite a long time- but due to a recent upsurge in rent, Danish Bakery will in the near future be closing its doors- so there’s all the more reason to visit as soon as possible!

DSC_0556I’ll make a wild guess and assume that there haven’t been a lot of renovation works done to this place since its opening over 40 years ago. However, it’s this old school style that gives Danish Bakery a distinctly unique style and character. Upon arriving at the entrance of the shop, you choose what you want via a yellow plaque on the ceiling, pay the woman at the storefront and then head on over to the cooking area to watch your food being prepared.

DSC_0555We ordered a Hong Kong style hot dog similar to the ones at Wing Lok Yuen– with a soft bun, soft sausage and homemade salad sauce. Although this hot dog was delicious I have to say that the ones at Wing Lok Yuen were more to my liking (I prefer their sauce- the sauce here was a bit too greasy). However, the size of the sausages here were definitely bigger and stuck out from the bun, unlike the rather tiny ones at WLY.

DSC_0554The pork chop bun, however, stole the show- it was absolutely delicious! A slice of crispy, succulent pork chop was nestled in between two soft buns and slathered with the same salad sauce used in the hot dogs, as well as a tomato puree sauce. The combination of chewy, crispy, sweet (from the salad dressing) and umami flavour from the tomatoes was tantalising and addictive. Needless to say, I finished my bun in a matter of minutes!

DSC_0558Although I wish Danish Bakery could stay open for longer, it’s a sad reality that the with the increasing rent prices in Hong Kong, many restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. I’ll definitely be back soon to try out the chicken drumsticks as well as their other tasty looking (albeit fattening) snacks!


2 thoughts on “Danish Bakery, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

    • Definitely give it a try! I heard that they were supposed to have closed down this year because of the outrageous rental prices in HK- but last time I checked it’s still there 🙂


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