Vietnamese & Thai Food at Nahm, Elements Hong Kong

Nahm, Vietnamese & Thai

Shop 1044-1045, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui

My family and I love trying out Asian restaurants, new or old. When we went to Nahm on a Saturday evening in search of some fusion fare, we weren’t expecting much but we ended up leaving happily full and satisfied. Located in the classy Elements Mall, Nahm is a doorless restaurant with stylish black and wooden decor and a relaxed, laid-back vibe.

DSC_0534The menu at Nahm is separated into small dishes to share, soups, salads, noodles + rice, nahm’s favourites (a mixture of everything), mains, sides and desserts.

DSC_0536My family chose a number of dishes for sharing. First up came the wok seared tuna with mixed leaf, mint and chilli yam dressing.  The mixed leaves gave a nice crunch and complemented the slightly sticky, spicy and sweet sauce. Matched with the natural flavour of tuna, this was the perfect summer salad and was extremely flavourful yet light.

DSC_0537Next up came the deep fried soft shell crab roll with mango, avocado, spinach with caramel dipping sauce. This consisted of large chunks of soft-shelled crab wrapped in a rice roll alongside with mango and avocado. I couldn’t seem to see or taste any spinach in the rolls but I did see that perhaps they substituted it with a slice of pickled ginger instead. The crunchy, fragrant crab paired perfectly with the creamy avocado, sweet and fruity mango and ginger, chewy rice roll, and sticky caramel sauce.

DSC_0538DSC_0539^Interior shot of the soft-shell crab roll

DSC_0540The Crab meat fried rice with spring onion and crispy ginger was well-cooked and fragrantly spiced. Little bits of egg and fried garlic helped to add extra dimension to the dish- however I wish there was more actual crabmeat in the rice. Overall though, this was a tasty and addictive dish.

DSC_0541My family enjoyed the Glazed duck breast on grilled pineapple, lychee in Thai basil curry. The curry was flavourful and not very spicy, (probably modified to suit the needs of HK people), whilst the duck was juicy and tender and fared well with the natural sweetness of the lychees and pineapple pieces scattered throughout the dish. Paired with plain rice, this was a filling, hearty and appetising main dish.

DSC_0543For a healthier option, we ordered the roasted winter vegetables with chopped basil. The vegetables consisted of potatoes, mushrooms and celery. The skin around the vegetables (and mushroom) was crispy with a soft interior, and the basil was plentiful. This dish went well with the duck curry.

DSC_0544For dessert, the Mango sticky rice with jasmine coconut cream sauce was a tasty yet unexciting dish, and the cream sauce was too watery for my liking, but had a nice presentation.

Overall, the dishes at Nahm were tasty and well-presented, and my family and I had a satisfying dinner 🙂


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