Matcha-themed desserts at Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo

Address: Shop nos. 1A-1B, G/F., Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

I stumbled upon this little Japanese-style cafe on Openrice and decided to pay it a visit as I love matcha-themed desserts 🙂 . Located in Causeway Bay, it’s a few minutes walk away from the MTR. The interior is very small- I counted 15 seats, but is clean and stylish, with a swinging chair and bonsai tree and wood decorations. ( I remember eyeing that swinging chair for the entire duration that I was there hoping to be able to sit on it but sadly we finished before those customers left.)

DSC_0548Via Tokyo states on their menu that they only use ingredients imported from Japan such as Kyoto Up Matcha and Hokkaido Premium milk in their products. Aside from soft serve ice cream, they also serve coffee and pastries, although I did not order either of these.

^Menu- wide range of matcha soft serve options
I ordered the Fruit Matcha Soft Cream Shiratama Anmitsu which was recommend on the menu. It consisted of matcha soft serve ice cream, azuki (red bean) paste, various fruits (kiwi, banana, strawberry, blueberry, tangerines), shiratama dango (basically glutinous rice balls) and anmitsu (translucent cubes of agar jelly). There was also a little bowl of kuromitsu (black sugar) syrup available to pour onto the dessert.

Whilst the dessert was aesthetically pleasing, I felt that I didn’t get my money’s worth- as it was the most expensive item on the menu I expected a large bowl of dessert but the portion was actually quite small. I did however enjoy the texture and flavour of the ice cream as well as the mochi. However I felt that there seemed to be more fruits than anything else- if I come again I will lean towards ordering something with just matcha soft serve and mochi.


Overall I think that the dessert was quite well executed- just a bit pricey for the portion and that there were more fruits than anything else.


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