Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

Honey & Co

Address: 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ 

London is such a big melting-pot of cultures and different walks of life- so it’s not a huge surprise that the food reflects that. One such example is Honey & Co- a small, nondescript Middle Eastern cafe right in the heart of central London which serves deliciously vibrant and hearty dishes. I came here with a friend on a busy weekday lunchtime and we were quickly ushered onto a wooden bench. Below is the menu- as you can see all the food sounds delicious- it took us a while to choose what to get!

photo 1 photo 2I first ordered a cup of homemade lemonade, which was refreshing and tangy and really complemented the intricate flavours of the food served afterwards.

photo 3First up came the fresh hake cakes cooked in pilpel chuma seved with fine cracked wheat- essentially fish cakes in a hot sauce made out of peppers and garlic. The fish was tender and mildly tasting- which was compensated by the slightly spicy, peppery, garlicky sauce- it was like an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The cracked wheat had a texture similar to quinoa and it too paired exceptionally well with the sauce.

photo 4The next dish we ordered was The Royal Mansaf- slow cooked lamb on saffron rice, almonds and golden raisins, which provided an interesting contrast to the first dish we ordered with its sweetness and creaminess. The lamb was deliciously tender and juicy, and paired wonderfully with the rice, crunchy almonds and plump raisins which sat atop the dish like little gold nuggets. This was definitely my favourite dish of the day!

photo 5We saw many tables order the Jerusalem style falafel with cinnamon and sesame, tomato chilli and pomegranate salad, served with a tahini sauce and so we decided to try it out. I loved the unique flavour of the falafels brought about by the cinnamon and sesame, but found them a little bit too dry on their own, so it was a good thing that the tahini sauce was there to balance it out. The salad was a nice touch and made the dish look very visually appealing (plus I can never say no to anything with pomegranate in it!)

Sadly, by the time we had finished our meal we were too full for desserts- so I will definitely try to make another trip to Honey & Co sometime soon. We stayed there for nearly 2 hours but felt no pressure by the staff to leave at all, so thumbs up to the service!

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