Affordable and Tasty £10 Steaks at Flat Iron!

Flat Iron
17 Beak St, Soho, W1F 9RW 

I love a good steak but unfortunately it costs quite a bit to dig into high-quality beef in London- that is, unless you know where to look! Flat Iron in Soho serves up juicy steaks for the bargain price of £10. The cut of beef they serve is obviously the “flat iron”, which is cut from the shoulder of a cow, and is deliciously tender and succulent. My friend and I came here for lunch on a Friday afternoon and we were lucky enough to get a seat before a queue started forming outside, because unfortunately Flat Iron is another one of those establishments which don’t take reservations.

Stepping into the dimly-lit restaurant, you’ll be presented to your seat (which is a little bit uncomfortable to get on if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress- it’s almost like sitting on the saddle of a horse or on a seesaw) and served water (without having to ask…!) and a cup of popcorn (which is flavoured with beef dripping). As for the main menu, it’s plastered all over the walls of the restaurant and isn’t hard to miss, and is separated into 3 sections: “Steak”, “Sides”, and “Sauces”. Ordering steak here is obviously a given, so all you have you to do is specify how you’d like it cooked – I chose medium rare. The steak also comes with a small side salad which I guess eases one’s guilty conscience when pigging out 🙂 For sides, we opted for dripping cooked chips and creamed spinach- both of which I’ve tried before and thought they complemented the steak perfectly. I didn’t choose a sauce because I personally like the natural juices which exude from the meat itself.

DSCN2232^The flat iron steak in all its lovely, juicy, grilled glory 😀 The meat was cooked to perfection with a juicy pink centre-and wasn’t stringy/rough at all- it had a very nice consistency with just the right amount of chewiness before it melted into your mouth. A sprinkling of coarse sea salt and pepper further enhanced the natural meatiness of the steak. As for the sides, the fries were deliciously crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside- just how I like them- and the spinach was deliciously decadent and creamy, and its mild taste fared well with the flavoursome steak.

DSCN2235^We also ordered Fentimans rose lemonade to drink- it’s probably one of my favourite things to drink in London. Lemonade with hints of rose- what more could a girl ask for?

DSCN2233^I loved the little touches that made the eating experience more special, such as the meat cleavers, wooden boards for the steak, and rustic cups and bowls- I felt like it added to the overall charm of the restaurant 🙂 My only complaint is that the menu doesn’t feature dessert- although I’ve heard that they occasionally serve doughnuts at the bar downstairs, which isn’t opened during lunchtimes.

All in all it was a delicious meal at Flat Iron – despite the relatively small size of the steak both my friend and I were full by the end of our lunch. I’ll definitely be back again soon!

Flat Iron on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato

P.S. thanks to Cindy for the photos! 🙂


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