Review: Misato, Chinatown

Nestled in the midst of busy Chinatown, you’d almost miss this restaurant if it weren’t for the ever-present queue waiting outside expectantly.


In fact, I don’t think Misato even has a legitimate storefront sign bearing its own name- just some tacky WordArt text printed onto A4 paper and stuck onto the window.

Having said that, Mistao is probably one of my favourite go-to Japanese restaurants in London. It’s delicious, authentic, cheap, and the portions are HUGE. If I don’t go on an empty stomach I usually have a generous heaping of leftovers to take home. Misato is definitely most well-known for its rice dishes, including katsu curries and teriyakis- hence its probably advisable to go somewhere else if you want sushi and sashimi.

I was lucky enough to be in the area on a very windy and rainy Wednesday- so for the first time ever I went in without having to queue.

IMG_0715Because it was such a terribly cold and wet day, I started off with a pot of Hot Japanese Tea (for one)- but it could have easily served two.

IMG_0717First came the Katsu Curry Rice, which consists of breaded and deep fried pork chop swimming in curry sauce, and served with a generous amount of rice and salad- all for under 6.5 pounds! This obviously isn’t the healthiest dish out there but it was sinfully delicious and worth every calorie :). The curry sauce isn’t the spicy kinds you usually find in Indian/Thai/South East Asian eateries, but rather a Japanese curry roux  ( which is exceptionally mild with an almost sweet taste to it. Complemented with the crispy breaded pork-chops, it made for a satisfying lunch.

IMG_0716We also opted for the Ginger Pork. Once again the servings were extremely generous. The thin slices of pork complemented with the gingery, sweet taste of the sauce. All in all, it was a comforting combination and made me feel all warm inside 🙂

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cheap, no-frills restaurant serving hearty Japanese cuisine, give Misato a try!

Find the menu on Zomato

Misato on Urbanspoon



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