Review: Duck & Waffle, Bishopgate

Duck & Waffle is one of those establishments that everyone seems to have heard of.


Boasting the best views in London and its claim to fame as the highest restaurant in the UK, I was a bit hesitant to visit at first, having heard of lots of mixed reviews about the food/service. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by my experience there, and would recommend a visit particularly if you have limited time in the city like I do. After all, if you’re going to pay 30 pounds per person for a visit up the Shard, why not just visit a somewhere with equally good views PLUS the chance to enjoy some tasty gourmet food? 🙂

I arrived at Duck & Waffle at around 5pm on a weekday evening, which I felt was the perfect time as it meant that over the course of the dinner we could watch as the London landscape shifted from a murky grey to a deep blue.


^The menu

First up came an unassuming paper bag marked with a red wax seal- but the real treasure was what was inside- the BBQ spiced crispy pork ears- a salivating concoction of crisp, flavourful strips of pork. Sampling pork ears might seem like a daunting prospect for many, but for an Asian girl who has pretty much eaten everything from gizzards to tarantulas, it really wasn’t any different to a normal slice of pork. However, it was nonetheless delicious! IMG_1311

IMG_1338Next up was the house bread, which was a pillowy loaf served with a light, slightly acrid olive oil , as well as creamy butter. The bread was mostly hollow inside with an outer crunch and fragrant taste which was very satisfying and complimented the oil and butter very well.

IMG_1339Next up came my favourite dish of the night- Foie Gras Crème Brulee with lobster, served with two slices of toast. This was an absolutely decadent treat – the creamy and fragrant texture of the foie gras mousse, the slightly burnt caramelised top and the plump, succulent pieces of lobster blended together to create a symphony of flavours.. It’s hard to put into words- you’ll just have to give it a go yourself! Paired with the crunchy toast, this was definitely a treat to be shared as it was quite heavy after a few bites.

IMG_1336Afterwards arrived the Roasted octopus with chorizo, potato, lemon and capers.  Whilst I enjoyed each particular element on its own, I felt that the salty richness of the chorizo did detract from the sweetness and light taste of the octopus.

IMG_1337I think that a trip to this establishment would not be complete without ordering its namesake. The Duck & Waffle  consisted of a waffle and crispy duck confit, served with a fried duck egg. I love anything with egg yolk and fried poultry so I definitely enjoyed this dish! The rich yolk fared well with the maple syrup, and the duck meat fell right off the bone.



IMG_1346IMG_1344Dessert was an assortment of cheeses served with oat biscuits, grapes, almonds and chutney- definitely a satisfying way to end the night!

IMG_1343Overall, I had a great time at Duck & Waffle. Whilst not all of the food was amazingly good, the service was attentive, the dishes creative and the view is definitely a highlight of the experience !

Find the menu on Zomato

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