Gelupo, Piccadilly Circus- Best Gelato in London!

People who say that money doesn’t buy happiness obviously haven’t tried Gelupo before.

photo 2

Since my first visit, I’ve probably been back around ten times and have told every person who wants to listen to me rant about food that they “HAVE to go”. In fact, I am even the proud owner of a Gelupo loyalty card 🙂 It’s only taken me this long to write a post about it because every time I go there I just dig into my gelato and all my worries and thoughts melt away (pun intended).

To me, Gelupo is the jack-of-all-trades- it has everything you’d ever want in an gelateria. It’s tucked right at the end of a little street in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, and when you step into the pastel-blue hued shop you’re immediately hit by the fragrant aroma of coffee brewing and the sweet smell of sugar. Gelupo sells a variety of coffees, sandwiches, and cakes- but their main claim to fame is obviously their gelato, which they do so, so well. It blows every ice cream, every gelato I’ve ever tried out of the water…which has its unfortunate consequences as it means that I can never really fully appreciate ice cream anymore without first comparing it to what Gelupo has to offer!

photo 4Gelupo offers a wide range of gelatos and sorbets which are changed around on a regular basis depending on season. One of the things I like most about Gelupo is that they are adventurous with their flavours- but not to the extent that it just becomes weird, unlike some other ice cream flavours I’ve tried before (such as curry…!). Instead, flavours such as ricotta chocolate + black pepper, bergamot, rhubarb, blood orange and peanut butter are offered, where you can truly taste each individual ingredient. My personal favourite is the traditional pistachio – it has an amazingly rich, intense pistachio flavour and a smooth, creamy texture. I don’t know how they manage to fit in so much flavour into a little cup of gelato- but Gelupo’s website puts it this way, and I couldn’t agree more:

“Take our raspberry gelato. It tastes more of raspberries than raspberries, it sings of the fruit, not drowned in sugar or diluted with water.”

The portions aren’t huge, but you can have two flavours in a small cup, topped with a crispy waffle circle (you can ask for extras too, I’ve tried 😛 ) There is usually a queue when you go in but it moves along pretty speedily and you get to try as many flavours as you want to before making a final selection – although why bother when every flavour is just as delicious as the next?

photo 1The shop also has limited seating and a small shop at the back selling all sorts of Italian goodies.

photo 3^ This.

In short, GO TO GELUPO. You won’t regret it!

*I am not sponsored by Gelupo despite the high praise, but definitely wouldn’t mind if I was sent a tub (or two or three) to review 😉 

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7 thoughts on “Gelupo, Piccadilly Circus- Best Gelato in London!

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by!
    Arghhh thanks to your post I’m experiencing food regret… I was in London for Christmas last year. Gelupo was on my to-eat list but every time I walked past the shop I was too full for ice-cream… Now I know it’s soooo good and the portion isn’t huge, I should have gotten pistachio gelato (always my favourite too!) even if my stomach was on the verge of bursting 😦
    Looks like I have to visit London soon!


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