Green Cottage 農舍, Lamma Island

If you’re looking for a relaxing vegetarian hideout in Hong Kong, look no further.

photo 4

I went on a one day excursion to Lamma Island last week, and instead of choosing one of the ubiquitous seafood restaurants dotted across the island for lunch, decided to go green instead.

For those of you who have never been to Hong Kong, Lamma Island is an outlying island around a 30 minute ferry ride away from the city. Despite its misleading name, the island does not look like this: – but instead is a great place for those seeking an alternative, more relaxing side to Hong Kong.

The restaurant itself was quite dimly lit and had air conditioning- which I appreciated on the very hot and sunny day that I was there. I was seated towards the back of the restaurant which had a seating area made entirely out of stone- I felt like I was sitting in a cave! In fact, the entire restaurant has a very natural feel to it,  making it an exceptionally relaxing place to chill and enjoy a meal. There’s also unlimited internet for those who aren’t exclusively in Lamma to get away from the buzzing hive of connectivity back in the city.

photo 3

photo 3Green Cottage offers an entirely vegetarian menu, with a daily set lunch. However, I decided to go down the brunch route and ordered eggs Benedict-  consisting of 2 poached eggs, ham, tomato, egg-free hollandaise sauce and a salad. 

photo 2

photo 4This veggie-style Eggs Benedict was aesthetically appealing and the flavours quite subtle- to replace the egg in the Hollandaise sauce, mustard was used instead. I guess this is more of a guilt-free version of an eggs benny, so the sauce isn’t quite as rich compared to its creamy counterpart, but I did appreciate the slight spicy kick of the mustard. The eggs were slightly runny (though I do wish it was slightly less cooked) and complimented the vegetarian ‘ham’ as well as the tomato slices. The salad was a simple leaf salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.

photo 1My friend ordered a vegetarian English breakfast. This fry up substituted the bacon/sausage/black pudding for the same vegetarian ‘ham’ as seen in the eggs benny. Overall it was a tasty, lighter version of your usual greasy, hearty fry up, although if you’re someone who loves their red meats you might leave feeling a little dissatisfied.

Both meals came with a tea/coffee, but you can add an extra 8 dollars to get one of their other drinks, which I think is a pretty good deal. I’d personally recommend their iced lemon tea which isn’t the normal type you get in restaurants around HK- but tastes (and looks) freshly blended. Overall, this was a fairly affordable restaurant in relaxing surroundings and I would recommend it if you don’t want an overly greasy/heavy meal to kickstart your day in Lamma Island. Happy eating!

Address: G/F, 26 Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island


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