Teakha 茶。家, Sheung Wan

Teakha is a cosy little corner cafe located in Sheung Wan. Whilst I loved the aesthetics and the “feel” of the place, my visit was a little bit dampened by the lack of space and loud noises throughout…
Teakha Storefont

photo 2My friends and I arrived at around 2.30 pm one sunny afternoon. It was initially not that crowded and we managed to find seats straight away (bear in mind that seating is quite limited here). I love the decor and styling of the cafe, which featured robin-egg blue walls throughout and lots of quirky and vintage-looking teapots and paintings. I especially loved the mason jar lights which hung across the room!

photo 3

photo 1We ordered a Roselle & Strawberry cheesecake  to share. The portion was a bit small for the price but the cheesecake was delicious- I loved the  fragrance of the yogurt combined with the fresh, tangy strawberries and the sweet yet sour taste of the roselle. The biscuit base tasted chocolatey which provided an interesting contrast to the filling.

photo 2I ordered a Sea Salt Yin Yang– a twist on the Hong Kong cha chan teng drink consisting of coffee blended with milk tea. The sea salt provided an interesting savoury touch to the drink and was very refreshing in the summer heat.

photo 4One of my friends ordered the Keemun Rose Tea– this took quite a long time to arrive at the table (approximately 15-20 minutes) and I took a sip of it. I enjoyed the frothy milk and the honey on top of the tea as well as the rosy fragrance of the tea itself. The tea was milky yet had a bitter aftertaste which I quite enjoyed.  Although it was a little bit pricey it’s not a drink that you can get anywhere else in Hong Kong so I think it’s worth a try.

The place got really crowded after a while. It was so crowded that I felt like I was in a market rather than what was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing cafe.  People who were ordering takeaways just stood around the already cramped room, talking loudly amongst themselves and blocking the entrance. Although there was extra room next door, customers were given buzzers notifying them when their orders were ready and would have to come back into the main seating area to collect their food- meaning that people kept coming in and out repeatedly and always left the door open.

Furthermore, people waiting for seats would also stay inside the cafe, hovering above people already seated. All of these factors combined meant that we couldn’t truly relax in the atmosphere and left shortly after finishing our drinks and cake, as we felt that it would be inappropriate to keep sitting down when so many people were waiting.

photo 1All in all, I think that an experience at Tekaha would be much better if there was some form of crowd control- especially on weekends. The entire experience felt a little bit too rushed and chaotic compared to what I’ve experienced at other cafes. I’ll probably be back to try one of their amazing-smelling brunches but will definitely try to come after summer when there are hopefully less people.

18 Tai Ping Shan Street, 
Sheung Wan 


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