Review: Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

I thought I’d take a break from writing about restaurants in Hong Kong and instead write an incredibly long-overdue post on the Blackbird Tea Rooms, a delightfully quirky and vintage-inspired tea room in the heart of beautiful Brighton…
Blackbird Tea Rooms Brighton

Brighton PierI went to Brighton on a short one-day weekend excursion during an incredibly cold, blustery day- so it was no surprise that we wanted to warm up after walking across Brighton Pier. What better way is there to do so but to eat and drink to our heart’s content? 🙂

Blackbird Tea Rooms BrightonStepping into the tea room, you’re immediately greeted by the smell of cakes and coffee. People sit in their seats, chattering away over cups of tea, and everywhere you look you’ll see something interesting, whether its the beautifully ornate teapots, framed black and white photos or the vintage biscuit tins with their faded colours and text . It’s a complete feast for the senses and a step back in time..if only we had more of these places instead of those highly commercialised chain stores that you see everywhere nowadays!

Because of its obvious charm, we had to wait approximately 15 minutes to be seated, but because there’s so much to look at, time flew by in a pretty paradoxical sense and we were soon sitting down deciding on what to eat.

Blackbird Tea Rooms Brighton

Blackbird Tea Rooms Brighton

My friend and I both decided to order a Cream Tea, which came with a huge scone with jam, clotted cream, and a pot of tea (I chose Earl Grey & Blue Flowers whilst my friend had English Breakfast- which was served in a much larger teapot than mine, so go for that if you’re particularly thirsty). All of the food was served in beautifully ornate mismatched plates and cups which added to the unique atmosphere of the place. Blackbird Tea Rooms BrightonThe scone was delicious- light, soft and crumbly, and was interspersed with plump raisins throughout. The clotted cream was decadently thick and they give you a lot of it- but then again, they have to, seeing as the scone is absolutely huge! It’s probably double the size of any scones I’ve eaten in Hong Kong and London. Paired with some raspberry jam, this was a delicious way to relax, unwind and enjoy a beautiful end to our day in Brighton.

My friend and I left with full, warm, and happy stomachs, and we both agreed that our scones at Blackbird were probably the best we have ever had 🙂

Next time I come, I will be sure to check out some of their delicious-sounding cakes (see their menu here) as well as their brunch items!

30 Ship Street,

Blackbird on Urbanspoon

P.S. Looking for more places for cream tea in Brighton? Check out Talk of Tea!


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