Review: Killiney Kopitam, Killiney Road, Singapore

I recently went on a 3-day trip to Singapore with my family, and had a great time stuffing my belly with all the tasty food available at every corner! One place we went to was Killiney Kopitam, a well-known franchise store most famous for its kaya toast, a breakfast staple in Singapore. Killiney Kopitiam Menu

My family and I were lucky enough to to go the original Killiney store located on Killiney Road, which was a short walk away from where we were staying. The original Killiney is the oldest coffee-shop in Singapore, and this is quite clearly reflected by its unpretentious, old-school interior and lack of air conditioning.



Despite this, I felt that this really added to the entire experience and I would much prefer eating at this store than in an air-conditioned, homogenous mall! I especially loved the funny (and pessimistic) quotes regarding marriage that were pasted on the walls. 😀

Killiney Kopitiam


Killiney Kopitiam Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast

First up- the famous kaya toast. For those of you that are wondering, kaya is a type of coconut jam made out of coconut milk, sugar and pandan-flavoured eggs.

Killiney Kopitiam

Cold butter, kaya and warm toast

The kaya here was extremely decadent, creamy and fragrant, and especially more so when combined with the thick slab of cold butter that melted into the toast. The toast itself was crunchy on the outside with a soft interior, and its subtle flavour, contrasting with the sweet kick of kaya, really made for a super satisfying breakfast!

Killiney Kopitiam

French loaf toast

We also went for the french loaf toast with butter and kaya- which was also equally as delicious. The french loaf toast was much thicker in comparison to the normal toast, and had a crisp exterior and fluffy, chewy interior. However, this was definitely a lot more filling, so if you’re looking for something more light I’d definitely go for the normal toast instead.

Killiney Kopitiam

Soft Boiled Eggs

I ordered soft boiled eggs and had them with a thick, sweet soy-sauce and  pepper. I normally don’t eat my eggs like this but I think that I’ll definitely start recreating this at home. The yolk paired deliciously with the sweet soy sauce and the pepper added a bit of a kick to the dish.

Killiney Kopitiam

Chee Cheong Fun

Finally, we had the chee cheong fun, which was served with soy sauce, sweet sauce, spring onion and sesame seeds- typical of Hong Kong /Cantonese dim sum- but interestingly, fried shallots and chilli sauce. I liked the extra flavours that these ingredients added as it really lifted the otherwise plain flavours of the silky smooth cheong fun.

I really enjoyed my breakfast at Killiney, with its laid-back surroundings and cheap, tasty breakfast food. They have a store in Hong Kong so I’m glad that I’ll have somewhere to go whenever I’m craving kaya toast!

67 Killiney Rd

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