Review: The Roti Prata House, Singapore

During our trip to Singapore, my family and I had initially anted to try out the famous Sin Ming Roti Prata, but unfortunately it was closed for the week. Luckily for us, we chanced upon The Roti Prata House nearby by complete serendipity, and decided to try it out!


The interior of this no-frills restaurant was very wide and spacious, with huge fans circling around the ample seating available. The menu features a wide array of tasty treats ranging from pineapple prata to mee goreng. Because we had already had a meal prior to coming here, we decided to share two plates of food between us.


The first dish we chose was the fish biryani, which consists of a mixed rice dish with fish masala. The fish had a nice flaky, meaty texture which went well with the flavourful rice, and the masala curry was slightly spicy, though a little bit too oily for my liking.



Next up, the coin prata served with a bowl of chicken curry. Once again the curry was a bit too oily but the chicken was incredibly fresh and plump, and the little portions of flaky, chewy, buttery prata were just right for our incredibly full stomachs. For those of you that are curious, prata is a type of flour-based pancake that is cooked over a grill, and can be served with savoury or sweet toppings. It’s an incredibly popular dish in Singapore- I would see people eating this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner everywhere I went!

DSC_0940My meal was washed down with a hearty glass of milo dinosaur, which is essentially a cup of Milo with some Milo powder on the top (Milo is a chocolate malt drink – think Horlicks but better!)


All in all, I had a nice and simple meal at The Roti Prata House (although it was quite greasy) and got to sample a taste of what Singapore has to offer in terms of food.

246M Upper Thomson Rd,
Singapore 574370

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