Maltby Street Market, Bermondsey

One of my favourite things about London is its abundance of food markets and food trucks (I just wish Hong Kong could follow suit!) Maltby Street Market is just a stone’s throw away from the ever popular Borough Market, and serves a variety of cuisines from different vendors. Although it’s a lot smaller in size, this market definitely has some amazing food as well as a cheery and bustling atmosphere. It’s definitely worth your time if you happen to be looking for somewhere new to eat on a Saturday!
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photo 2We arrived at the market on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, but as we perked up pretty quickly as we passed by the atmospheric arches of the railway tracks nearby and smelled the scent of food wafting through the air. This market is very small and can get super crowded, so you’ll have to jostle around to get to your favourite stalls if you don’t come early!

photo 3

photo 4First up- I tried St. John’s Bakery’s vanilla custard doughnut. I’ve heard many great things about this place so I was a little disappointed when I bit into the doughnut,as it was a bit dense and more bun-like than anything else. The filling was good though- nice and creamy with a hint of vanilla. Personally I prefer Bread Ahead’s doughnuts (they sell them at Borough Market and the head chef actually used to work at St John’s Bakery) which are incredibly light and fluffy, even when they’ve been left out for hours.

photo 3Next we had some seriously delicious falafel at Hoxton Beach , which were made fresh at the premises and served with a wide range of salads and dips (my favourites were the fried aubergine and the spinach). I know that they have a stall on Mondays and Wednesdays close to my Uni on Goodge Street so I’ll definitely be going there soon!

photo 2

photo 4The falafel was light and crunchy, not like the usual dense and heavy stuff you get in wraps and sandwiches in many eateries.

photo 5We also had a delicious smoked salmon on sourdough from Hansen & Lydersen. The fish was smoked to perfection and was thickly cut, though I did wish the portions were a bit larger for the price.

photo 2Finally, we hit up Finest Fayre for a haddock scotch egg, which was a little bit too cold but otherwise delicious, with the salty haddock embedded with potatoes, and dipped in lovely egg yolk.

photo 1

photo 5In short, I had a lovely lunch at Maltby Street Market. My advice would be to go with an empty-ish stomach and a wandering eye for all things delicious! There are also a few vintage stores along the way as well as in the market if you’re into that sort of thing, and the sellers were very polite and friendly. 🙂



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  2. As ever, making me miss London! If you haven’t been before, Church Street in Stoke Newington has several great cafes and restaurants. The Anglo Asian is a great Indian, with interesting Bangladeshi specialties, there’s a great Italian, and just round the corner, there’s Testi, if you’re feeling brave. There’s a clue in the name, and they’re delicious.

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