Can Second Graders Appreciate a US$220 Meal?

Check out this hilarious video of a bunch of second graders being treated to a seven-course tasting meal at the French restaurant Daniel. Whilst the kids are adorable (and incredibly honest!!), they probably haven’t reached the point where they would appreciate fine dining, or acquired tastes like caviar-indeed, one of them bluntly states: “I can’t wait until we have dessert.”

I don’t blame them- when I was six I would definitely have preferred mac and cheese over a fancy portion of squash ravioli- and to be fair, I might still choose the former today 🙂


9 thoughts on “Can Second Graders Appreciate a US$220 Meal?

  1. oh come on! the little girl who says “hm, thats a strange and delicious looking one :)” ! very sweet video, seems a little perverse somehow – love the ballet music in the background and the kids’ expressions though, and the fact that they were not prepped for this – based on not knowing about knives/forks table settings etc. Not sure all adults who eat this stuff appreciate it either – one restaurant near me serves incredibly expensive food – most of it seems to be lobster (remember Switzerland couldnt be more landlocked” and caviar, and as it is a top restaurant here, I get the impression that patrons take guests there in order to see/be seen/ be seen to be spending loads of cash. at that point what the food tastes like or if indeed you enjoy it, or can distinguish between well cooked/badly cooked/likes dislikes becomes irrelevant….thanks for stopping by my post, love Hong Kong food, sadly didnt stay too long, also london which is easier to get to so cannot wait to see more of your blog. Pumpkin ravioli classic simple italian dish, probably comparable to mac n cheese for some italian kids 🙂


    • haha I definitely agree that in many cases people go to restaurants just because of its name/price/or they’re trying to impress people etc 😛 hope you get more chances to visit HK/London and that my blog will prove useful in the future! Thanks for stopping by!


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