Review: Konaki Greek Restaurant, Bloomsbury

Tucked away in a little corner in Bloomsbury, Konaki is a quaint, family-run Greek restaurant with a homely, warm atmosphere and delicious food. With its close proximity to the British Museum, is the ideal location for tourists (and locals!) who want a slice of Greek culture in London.
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Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonWhen you step into the restaurant you’ll immediately be greeted by the warm atmosphere of the place- it has mellow lighting, flowers, a lot of wooden furniture and the overall effect is so warm and inviting, don’t you think? There’s also an outdoor terrace where you can have your meal but as it was a bit chilly that day we chose to dine indoors. 
Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonWe started off with Prawn Souvlaki- prawns on a skewer grilled over charcoal. These were incredibly juicy and plump, with a nice whiff of that charcoal flavour you get on grilled food. Drizzled with lemon juice and a sprinkling of herbs and you have the perfect seafood appetiser for a Greek feast!

Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonNext up we ordered calamari. Calamari is one of my favourite foods to eat and I pretty much order it anywhere that serves it- whether it be seafood restaurants in Hong Kong or pubs in the UK! The squid was nice and springy and the batter crispy and not overly thick. I didn’t use the thai sweet and sour dressing on the squid though as I prefer it with lemon juice.

Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonKonaki does dinner sets which include a starter, main and dessert. For the starter, we had revithosalata served with pita bread- which was essentially hummus, except that it wasn’t as punchy in flavour, but had a milder taste which slowly built up the more you ate. It was super satisfying and I pretty much devoured the whole lot in minutes.

Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonFor the main, we ordered moussaka-a hearty concoction of of aubergines, courgettes, potatoes,  mince lamb, topped with bechamel sauce. It tasted similar to lasagne, only lighter and with a lot more textures and flavours (I particularly liked the aubergine and potatoes).

Konaki Greek Restaurant LondonLastly, we ordered a separate main of the à la carte menu- lavraki – sea bass grilled over charcoal with herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. The fish was nice and flaky and had a lot of meat for us to pluck at, and the aroma of the fish juices mixed with the olive oil and lemon was sumptuous 

Dessert was chocolate ice cream (not pictured)- a bit basic I know, but I didn’t want to pay extra for pastries or cake (the set menu doesn’t specify you had to pay extra, which I thought was a little sketchy). It was a bit too icy and watery for my liking, which was a shame because the rest of the meal was delicious and it would have been nice to end on a high note.

Despite this, I still had a nice meal at Konaki. The food was flavourful and vibrant, service attentive and the environment cosy and romantic. Give it a try if you’re in the area! 🙂

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5 Coptic Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1A 1NH


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