Review: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Hampstead

Do you get those days where you just wake up craving Indian food? I definitely do! Luckily for me, a trip to Paradise really hit the spot with its warm ambience and delicious, refined Indian dishes.

photo 3 copyWhen we arrived on a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant had just opened and so it was pretty empty, but slowly filled up towards the end of our meal. Service was prompt and jokey, and we had a really hard time choosing what to eat- because everything on the menu sounded so, so tasty!

For starters, we opted for vegetarian samosas, which were served with mango chutney as well as a delicious mango dip. In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with samosas (unless they’re super soggy) and these ones were exceptionally delicious, with a crispy outer layer and pillowy spiced vegetables bursting with flavour. The side salad was also a nice touch!

photo 4Next up: garlic naan , which was sprinkled with a garlic topping and cumin seeds. Whilst lovely, fluffy and fragrant on its own, the naan tasted even better with the next dish, which was..

Paradise Indian Restaurant, HampsteadButter chicken! This is probably one of my favourite Indian dishes. It’s so sinfully rich, yet not overly filling, creamy yet savoury, and the buttery sauce combined with the soft, melt-in-your-mouth chicken pieces are just a delight to the taste buds. If you can’t really handle spicy food I’d definitely recommend that you give this dish a try 🙂 (Apologies for the photo- I should have taken a shot where you can actually see the chicken!!)

photo 5We also ordered a vegetable biriyani, which came with its own vegetable curry sauce. I thought this was a pretty good deal as it was almost two whole dishes on its own! The biryani was delicately spiced and packed with potatoes, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and raisins for a sweet kick.

photo 3Last but not least came the tandoori fish- which consisted of a whole rainbow trout marinated in yogurt, coriander, lime and yogurt, and then grilled in a Tandoor (which is a clay or metal oven used for cooking in many Asian countries). The fish was really succulent and fresh, though if you want to taste the char-grilled, spicy, smokey tandoori flavour you’ll have to eat the skin too, otherwise it just tastes like a nicely grilled fish!

a1fbdd5d804bc47dbb6f2541e725f2c4After your meal, you can burn off the calories by taking a long, leisurely walk in Hampstead Heath (my personal favourite park in London).

photo 1

photo 3Overall, we had a great meal at Paradise. It’s definitely a bit more expensive than the majority of takeaway Indian restaurants across the UK, but to me, the food is more elegant and well thought out, and the atmosphere relaxing. Definitely give it a try if you’re in the area!

Hampstead Heath,
49 Southend Road,
London NW3

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10 thoughts on “Review: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Hampstead

    • That’s great to know Sarah! with Indian food, I do tend to stick to what I like instead of trying new things though, so I’l definitely try out some new dishes next time 🙂


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