Review: Yu Kyu, London

If you live, work, or study in London, you’ll probably have experienced the sheer pleasure of eating at one of the various food trucks located around the city. One such eatery is Yu Kyu, otherwise known as the first Japanese tonkatsu mobile street food van in London. If you’ve stuck around my blog for a while you’ll have realised by now that I LOVE Japanese food, so I was really excited to give this place a try.caf01a717c18e30ced8a56a9d8bcb37c_400x400

Yu Kyu was at my University as part of the monthly KERB Food Market- check out their website for more information regarding locations and traders (there’s bound to be something you’d like to try). Their truck was very Japanese-inspired, with cherry blossom graphics and red and white lanterns. Lots of people were milling around the truck so it was a 10 minute wait before we got our food.

photo 4Here’s the menu- for those of you that might not be familiar with tonkatsu- it’s essentially pork fillet breaded with panko (flaky bread crumbs) and deep fried.

photo 5We went for the glazed sweet potato chips with spring onions and sesame seeds, which were so addictive and delectable. I loved how the soy, spring onions and seeds gave the chips and extra kick of flavour and gave them an oriental twist.

photo 2Next up, the Tonkatsu Sandwichwhich was composed of a pork loin topped with cabbage, and Japanese brown sauce on a brioche bun. Fried food AND carbs = my glutton dream come true 🙂

The crunchy pork loin went perfectly with the chewy bun, and the brown sauce added a punch of flavour and prevented the sandwich (not sure why it’s called this when it looks a lot more like a burger!) from tasting too dry.

photo 1Although it’s not the cheapest food stall on the block, Yu Kyu is a great lunchtime option if you’d like to treat yourself to a little something different apart from the standard Pret sandwiches and salads.


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