Review: Homeslice Pizza, Seven Dials

I think I may have found my new favourite pizza joint in London… Homeslice!

photo 4Homeslice began as a food stall selling New York-style thin pizzas from a hand-built wood fire oven, but have since set up shop in the vibrantly coloured Neal’s Yard, just off Covent Garden. The moment you walk in, the place is buzzing- you can hear the chatter of people, the roaring fire of the oven and the sound of clanging as the huge 20-inch pizzas are prepped and ready to be cooked. The place has a really relaxed vibe to it, with dim lighting, rustic decor and friendly service.

What I really like about this place is that whilst it serves up some simple classics, it also does creative flavours featuring ingredients such as aubergine, oxtail and scallops.The menu itself is quite straightforward- you can order per slice or alternatively order a whole pizza with one or two different flavours.We opted for one entire beauty- with one half being salami, rocket & parmesan, and the other cauliflower cheese, aubergine, spinach & harissa.

5e07b2ea61484f525e5bd4645b046392One thing I noticed is that the tables don’t come with forks and knives, but instead, a tissue dispenser, so you’re definitely encouraged to get your hands grubby and dig in.

The pizza comes served with a pizza cutter, so if you’re feeling greedy you can cut yourself a huge slice 🙂 I tried out the cauliflower cheese side first, which was absolutely lipsmacking- the roasted aubergine gave the pizza a Mediterranean twist and tasted great with the cheese, spinach and cauliflower, whilst the harissa gave it a spicy kick. The salami side was also delicious- I loved how the spicy salami went with the tomato sauce base, whilst the bitter rocket gave the pizza extra dimension- though the pizza was a little bit on the oily side so things definitely got very messy towards the end! The pizza crust was also nice and crunchy, and chargrilled in some areas which I like.

photo 1This is a photo of me in comparison to the 20-inch pizza- it’s definitely a whopper!

photo 2Whilst my meal was filling, I didn’t leave clutching my stomach and groaning, but instead comfortably full and with a smile on my face. For the size and quality of the pizza, I think that £20 is a pretty fair price to pay, and I’m already planning the next time that I’ll return to Homeslice to have some more of this deliciously doughy treat 🙂

photo 3


13 Neal’s Yard

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10 thoughts on “Review: Homeslice Pizza, Seven Dials

    • That’s a shame! I think it’s quite affordable considering the size of the pizza (compared to places like Franco Manca, Princi etc). What’s your favourite pizza place in London?:)


      • I’m a big big fan of Pizza Pilgrims in Soho, especially the carbonara pizza they were running as a special. For a cheaper slice too I don’t mind a bit of Icco on Goodge Street, especially as a 12″ pizza can be as low as £4.

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