Review: Talk of Tea, Brighton

I recently went on a two day getaway to Brighton during my “reading” week (in my defence, I did work beforehand!) and tried out a number of restaurants in this vibrant seaside city. One such place was Talk of Tea, an adorable little hideaway specialising in loose leaf teas and afternoon teas- I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area!photo (1)Talk of Tea is situated in a little street in the heart of Brighton- so it’s a bit secluded but at the same time relatively easy to get to. The entire place is decked out in a very bright shade of orange (even the storefront is painted this colour) and is full of mini chandeliers, candles and lanterns, creating a very warm ambience throughout.

photo 1There are only a few tables in this cosy little cafe, including an area where you can lounge on a sofa and help yourself to books and boardgames. There’s also an outdoor patio but as it was raining that day, staying indoors was clearly the smarter option.

photo 3

photo 5Below is the menu- my friend and I both opted for a cream tea,Β which comes with a specialty tea of your choice. Seeing as Talk of Tea has the largest range of loose leaf teas in Brighton, I took a pretty darn long time choosing my beverage. In the end, I opted for a Turkish apple fruit blend with apple pieces, apple pomace and blackberry leaves.

photo 2Pictured- the rows upon rows of tea on display.

photo 4The apple tea was lovely and fragrantly flavoured, and was also lightly sweetened. This really warmed me up after walking around in the rain.

photo 1The cream tea itself was also delicious- very different to the scones I had at Blackbird Tea Rooms earlier this year, but good in its own way. These scones were super light and would make a perfect mid-day treat if you’re not feeling too hungry, whereas in Blackbird the scones themselves could make up an entire meal! (I do prefer the scones at Blackbird though, because I generally have a very huge appetite). The scones were served with generous portions of strawberry preserve and clotted cream- which I absolutely cannot get enough of! Also, if you don’t like raisins, you’ll love these scones, because they don’t have any in them.Β 
photo 2My friend and I stayed in Talk of Tea for a pretty long time, but we never felt rushed to leave at all. The surroundings were just so inviting and comfortable that we couldn’t help but lounge around, reading the books and playing Taboo πŸ˜› All in all, it was a very relaxing afternoon at Talk of Tea. If you’re looking to escape from the busy streets, this is definitely the place to go.

26 Spring St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3EF



13 thoughts on “Review: Talk of Tea, Brighton

  1. Teahouses are one of my favorite indulgences. Sadly, there are none closer than over an hour from home, so the opportunity rarely presents. Lovely photos and descriptions of “Talk of Tea”! It makes me long to hop a plane to England, the land that first seduced me to tea drinking. πŸ™‚

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  2. jess i have been quietly stalking your blog for this whole time and seriously love your posts!! hope third year has been going well & please can we get food tgt in London sometime? πŸ˜€

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  4. I love scones, especially when they’re light and raisinless! I also adore Brighton, it’s one of my fave places to visit in the UK, will definitely have to check this place out when we’re back πŸ˜€


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