Review: Seoul Bakery, Tottenham Court Road Station (MOVED)

UPDATE (August 2015): Looks like Seoul Bakery is reopening in the Bloomsbury area (14 Great Russell Street). Yay!

UPDATE (Jan 2015): Sadly, Seoul Bakery, along with the rest of the Korean restaurants on TCR have closed- 

If you’re looking for Korean food in London that’s as cheap as chips, look no further!

Seoul Bakery is one of my favourite local haunts- it’s affordable, central, and super tasty. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly popular, and more often than not you’ll see a long line of people (mostly Asian students) vying to have a meal in this tiny shoebox of a restaurant, which only has 12 seats. The restaurant has a very strict first come, first serve policy- so try to get there early.

PicMonkey Collage

photo 1The walls of the restaurant are peppered with post-its and messages from visitors all around the world- including some written by famous K-Pop stars from the bands Shinee and Big Bang.

photo 4The menu itself isn’t very extensive compared to Seoul Bakery’s other Korean counterparts on St Giles High Street, but their prices are definitely unbeatable. You can pay a little extra to upgrade your meal and add extra toppings to whatever you’re having (e.g. meat, fried egg, cheese, kimchi) , and some dishes offer the option to upgrade to a set meal.

photo 3First up, some hot barley tea to warm ourselves up after a long wait in the cold. I’m not really sure how to describe the taste of barley tea- it has a roasted, nutty flavour that’s soothing and refreshing at the same time. Some people think it tastes like coffee, but I disagree. Give it a try; it supposedly has many health benefits!

photo 5Next up, vegetable kimbap– for £2.50 this was a super generous portion. The literal translation for kimbap is ‘seaweed rice’, the two main components of this dish. Other ingredients (in this case spinach, egg, carrot and danmuji (pickled radish)) are also added to create a roll. This dish was simple yet satisfying, and I loved how the radish and carrots gave the dish some crunch and sweetness.

photo 1 copyAfterwards came the chicken bibimbap- a mixed rice topped with different vegetables (bean sprouts, zucchini, lettuce, carrots), mushrooms and a fried egg. Gochujang (a sweet and hot pepper paste- one of my all-time favourite condiments) is provided, so remember to add it liberally and mix well!

photo 1 (1)It’s really hard to go wrong with this dish- the gochujiang goes really well with the rice and the rest of the ingredients, and the egg yolk leaks out onto the dish and wraps it up with its lovely blanket of buttery creaminess.

photo 2 (1)We also ordered a cheese toppoki- a hot and spicy rice cake dish, served with boiled eggs, fish cakes, and topped off with two slices of melted cheese singles. Whilst a little on the small side, this dish is like a party in your mouth. I love how Korean rice cakes are so incredibly chewy, and the cheese transforms this dish into the perfect winter warmer.

photo 3 copyLast but not least, we ordered a Haemul Pajeon, or seafood pancake. I know this sounds a bit strange, but it’s not the normal sweet ones you get that are drizzled with maple syrup and berries. Instead, a savoury batter is combined with spring onions and seafood slices (predominantly squid) and then fried to create a crispy, fragrant and fluffy treat. I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone who’s a bit afraid of spicy food, or would like to try out a Korean snack for the first time.

photo 5 copyBefore you leave, don’t forget to write a message on the wall 🙂
photo 2 copy
In short, Seoul Bakery is definitely a great place to go if you want a quick and cheap Korean fix, but don’t try to bring a big party or you’ll be waiting forever.

55 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH

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4 thoughts on “Review: Seoul Bakery, Tottenham Court Road Station (MOVED)

  1. Hey there! The article on londonist appears to have been removed. I can’t find any information about Seoul Bakery and the other restaurants being gone. Do you know why it was removed? What a sad discovery 😦 I loved Seoul Bakery, the food was better than of some more expensive Korean restaurants and it had an amazing atmosphere.


    • Hi! I think it was removed to make way for the Crossrail project… I was so gutted too; it was my favourite Korean restaurant in London! If you have any other recommendations please let me know 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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