Review: Acciuga, Kensington High Street

A few weeks ago, the lovely team from Zomato kindly invited me to a blogger’s meet-up at Acciuga, an authentic Italian restaurant located on Kensington High Street which specialises in Ligurian and Genoese cuisine. I had such a great time and met lots of new food bloggers- all in all, it was a great experience! 🙂 photo 2I arrived at the restaurant pretty early- it’s quite accessible; around a 5-10 minute walk from Kensington High Street station. The restaurant itself is quite small but incredibly cosy, and the otherwise muted tones of the interior are livened up by these vibrant paintings by artist Andrea Andy Fumagalli.

photo 3Here’s a look at the menu- we had to pre-select our options prior to the meetup.

photo 2We kick-started the evening with some cocktail tasting. This particular concoction, called “Madness of Gold”, was created for the opening of Enoteca Rabezzana, a wine bar located in the City. The cocktail, made up of cognac, grape marmalade, basil and fizz wasn’t as strong as I expected it to be, and was surprisingly sweet and refreshing.

photo 4Samplings of grissini, onion focaccia (my favourite), and frisceu were also offered to whet our appetites.

photo 5We also had the chance to watch Chef Arnulfo’s cooking demonstration of a poached egg with black truffle, one of Acciuga’s signature dishes. Listening to him talk about food with such passion and gusto made me appreciate my meal much more. As a chef, he makes sure that his ingredients are sourced from Italy, and sticks to creating simple and authentic food rather than overly embellished dishes.

photo 1Finally, it was time for our meal!

As the word “Acciuga” means “anchovy” in Italian, it would clearly be appropriate to order an anchovy side! Deep fried breaded Mediterranean anchovies were served with a homemade tomato sauce on the side (which was served in a tin!). The anchovies were delightfully crisp and not at all briny or fishy-tasting, something which I have had a lot of experience with in previous anchovy-eating experiences.

photo 4

photo 3Next up came my main- polpette alla crema or slow-cooked beef meatballs, served in a wine sauce. These were unlike any other meatballs I’ve ever tried- they were very lightweight and had the texture of pulled pork and so were quite dry, but I enjoyed the rich flavours and the sauce that came with it. That being said, I definitely prefer something with a little more substance.

meatballsWhen you’re with a bunch of foodies, the camera definitely eats first 😛

photo 2I felt complete food envy over my neighbour’s trofie and pesto pasta, which was scrumptious- I could have eaten buckets of this!

photo 1The dinner ended with something sweet- a pistachio millefeulle. It was served in a little jar and we soon quickly realised that this was more akin to a deconstructed millefeulle. Whilst the taste of the dessert was great, I missed the layers of puff pastry in between the pistachio cream- it felt like eating a pistachio mousse more than anything else.

We also had some delicious shortbread cookies to take home (not pictured), which was a lovely little touch. I left Acciuga with a smile on my face and a happy (though still slightly hungry) stomach!photo 5Below are the rest of the bloggers that attended the meet-up- do check out their blogs if you ever need some dining inspiration in London!

photo (1)

343 Kensington High Street, London W8 6NW, United Kingdom

*I was kindly invited by Zomato to dine at Acciuga as part of a blogger meet-up . Opinions are my own.

Find the menu on Zomato

7 thoughts on “Review: Acciuga, Kensington High Street

  1. awwww such a cool event! So many bloggers I recognize 🙂 Excellent photos as always. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to meet you in one of these events 😀 Wish you a lovely 2015 (with loads of good food!)

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