Review: Mai Sushi, Kings Cross

Mai Sushi is one of my favourite restaurants in London, so I thought that it was about time I blogged about it! If you’re ever looking for affordable, authentic and incredibly mouthwatering sushi rolls, this is definitely the place to go.mai sushi crunchy tuna roll

This restaurant is located in between Euston and King’s Cross station, so it’s a pretty convenient place to have some lunch or dinner if you’ve got a few hours to spare before you hop onto your train. A word of warning though- this place tends to get really crowded after 7:30pm, even on weeknights-so make reservations beforehand!

mai sushi interior 2The decor in Mai Sushi is no-frills and simplistic, unlike other its other snazzy counterparts in London like Roka and Sticks’n’Sushi. However, what it lacks in looks is certainly made up for in its food.

mai sushi interior 3I like to start my dinner off with a nice cold glass of Asahi beer…

mai sushi asahiFollowed by a delicious appetiser of grilled miso eggplant. This is my favourite appetiser here-the caramelised miso combines amazingly with the succulent chunks of grilled, buttery eggplant. I’ve tried variations of this dish in other Japanese eateries, but this one is by far the best!

mai sushi miso eggplantNext up,we ordered a platter of sushi rolls – from clockwise- yellowtail and scallion, Alaska (salmon, crabsticks and avocado), scallops with mayo and masago, and the pièce de résistance- the crunchy tuna roll!

mai sushi crunchy tuna rollThe crunchy tuna roll is made up of a salmon, mayo and asparagus interior, and is surrounded by a ring of chewy rice mixed with crispy tempura bits. Covering this is a thick slice of tuna and a scoop of sliced scallions and green masago (capelin roe mixed with wasabi). It is utterly moreish, flavour and texture-packed, and I order it every single time I come here. Definitely give this a try- I guarantee you won’t regret it 🙂 crunchy tuna roll mai sushiOf course, the other sushi rolls are delicious too- think thick pieces of raw, fresh fish, slathered in masago, seaweed and rice!

mai sushi scallop rollIn addition to sushi, the restaurant also features mains which are served with rice and vegetables, such as the seabass shioyaki- grilled seabass with salt. This was a tad bit too try for my liking but a squeeze of lemon juice helps with that problem. mai sushi fishMai Sushi’s Ten don (or tempura rice) is also worth ordering. Battered pieces of eggplant, prawns, and courgettes are paired with a bowl of steaming hot rice and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. This to me is a perfect winter warmer- carb-packed, hearty, and definitely not for the health-conscious 😉

mai sushi ten donI hope that this post has convinced you to give Mai Sushi a visit if you’re living in London- they also do a really yummy tempura ice cream. It’s also a great place for takeaways!

36-38 Chalton Street,

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20 thoughts on “Review: Mai Sushi, Kings Cross

  1. Food looks awesomesauce, and I like the simple decor. Reminds me of places back home in LA. We don’t care about decor, just the food. It’s why order from food trucks, then sit on a curb, steps, whatever flat surface.


  2. Lucky me! Stumbling across this amazing blog of yours. Defo going to try mai sushi once I get some free time! I’m excited and my mouth is watering over these pics! Wahey 😁


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