Broadway Market, Hackney

The weather in London has been quite pitiful recently, but under no circumstances should that deter gluttons from venturing out of their warm homes in search of food.  Last weekend, I decided to go to Broadway Market- a place that has been on my hypothetical ‘bucket list’ for quite some time, and my experience there can be summed up in one sentence: I will definitely be back again soon!

broadway market london flowersWe arrived at noon, eager to try out everything we laid our eyes upon…but quickly realised that wouldn’t be the most financially viable option. The market was already packed with hungry individuals (all very warmly dressed), and the atmosphere was buzzing with the chatter of market traders, the smell of different cuisines and the scurrying of very eager looking dogs all trying to get their paws on some market london entranceWe passed by some delicious looking treats…broadway market london artisian foodsbroadway market london violet..and started our feast off with some marinated aubergines with balsamic vinegar and pomegranate seeds from Zakuski, a stall selling all sorts of delicious-looking Middle Eastern inspired dishes. The aubergine slices were char-grilled and paired nicely with the sharp pomegranate. I also loved the colours of this dish- aren’t they so vibrant?

broadway market london zakuski aubergine pomegranateWe then walked past Coco & Me, an adorable little stall with the cutest bunting, selling all sorts of baked market london coco and me buntingMy eyes were immediately drawn to the mini tarts below- they looked so pretty and tasty with all their individual embellishments and detailing. broadway market london cocoa and mebroadway market london coco and me tartUpon recommendation I went for the chocolate tart, which was absolutely scrumptious! It was made up of a chocolate ganache interior and a layer of raspberry puree. The slight tartiness of the berry puree, alongside with the rich, velvety chocolate and the buttery tart base was  so addictive, and I finished my tart in a matter of minutes! I also really loved the bird stencilling on the tart- sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference 🙂broadway market london coco and me chocolate tartbroadway market london coco and me chocolate tart 2Next up I went for a fried buttermilk chicken bun at Butchies. This was without a doubt the best fried chicken burger I have ever tasted- but I’ll do a separate review of this to keep this post relatively short. broadway market london butchies dale cooper burgerAlongside from food, you can also buy beautiful bouquets of flowers to brighten up your house…broadway market london flower stall…as well as vintage clothes and vinyl! broadway market london vintage clothesNext up, we headed off to the Schoolyard part of the market, aptly named because of its location (a primary school playground). We went for a raw chocolate shake from Nood– I’ve never tried raw cacao in a drink before so I was a little bit skeptical as to how it would taste, but this turned out to be so tasty! The shake is really well-balanced and not overly sweet, and tastes just as good as a normal chocolate milkshake except that it’s a whole lot more healthy and nutritious 🙂 broadway market london schoolyard noodIt’s also very filling, so afterwards we didn’t eat anything else, which was a shame because there were so many places I wanted to try out!  broadway market london nood smoothiebroadway market london schoolyard sign tacosIt got progressively colder and wetter throughout the day, and I have such huge respect for all the stall traders for braving the cold and providing so many people with delicious food and fresh produce. broadway market london stalls broadway market london tomatoesbroadway market london apples chegworthWe ended our day at Tiosk, a relatively new tea room with a gorgeous Scandanvian-like interior. broadway market london tiosk exteriorThere were so many delicious sounding blends available, but in the end I opted for a masala chai latte. broadway market london tiosk menu 2broadway market london tiosk interiorThe latte came in a beautiful glass cup, and was frothy, warm, and spicy. It was the perfect end to such a cold day out, and made me feel all cosy inside 🙂 I’m not even that big a fan of cinnamon, but chai tea has definitely converted me…broadway market london tiosk masala chai latteI can’t wait to come back to Broadway Market again to try out different things- problem is, because I am a creature of habit, I’ll probably end up sticking to what I thought was really delicious the first time around!

Note: we also went to the nearby Netil Market but didn’t try anything out- all the more reason to visit again 😉


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  1. Lovely blog. Lovely photographs. Wonderful colors. Thanks for liking my post about Paris. Food writing is something I’m starting to enjoy. I’ll check back.


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