Review: Dishoom, King’s Cross

I’m definitely not a morning person, but when I heard that the newly-opened Dishoom at King’s Cross was offering a 50% discount off all meals, I knew I had to seize the opportunity and finally try out their highly-lauded breakfasts. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal? 🙂 I’ve visited once more since the deal, and can definitely say that it’s worth a visit even if you have to pay full price.

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Review: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Hampstead

Do you get those days where you just wake up craving Indian food? I definitely do! Luckily for me, a trip to Paradise really hit the spot with its warm ambience and delicious, refined Indian dishes.

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Woodlands Indian Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui – great dosa and thali!

Woodlands Indian Restaurant 

Address: UG 16-17, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East

I love Indian food and so I was really excited to try this place out. Best known for its dosas (an Indian style crepe made from rice batter and black lentils), Woodlands is located in Wing On Plaza, and upon entering the place it feels like you’ve been transported back in time to the 1980s. Since its opening in 1981, Woodlands has been serving delicious South and North Indian vegetarian food at affordable prices. Once you’re seated, you’re provided with a menu which also serves as a disposable table mat. The staff were very friendly and chatty and the food was served quite efficiently.

photo 2To quench my thirst I ordered one of my favourite drinks- Mango lassi a blend of water, yogurt, cream and mango pulp. This refreshing cooler was a great way to start the meal- especially for people who can’t handle exceptionally spicy foods such as myself- its nice to take a milk-based drink to relieve your tastebuds from that capsaicin zing 🙂

photo 1Next up was a plain dosa. Paper thin, dosas are made by placing the batter flat on a special girdle and greased with ghee (clarified butter). The dosa was light and fluffy with a slight crunch, and fared well with the coconut chutney and sambar. Next time I come, I’ll definitely try out some of their other dosas such as their cheese and masala selections.

photo 3The Woodlands Special Thali consisted of 11 different types of sauces, curries and dips, paired with chapattis (Indian flatbread), a poppadom (crispy wafer-like spiced bread), and biryani (a rice based dish with different spices and ingredients). Whilst I don’t remember each sauce distinctly, in general the red sauces/curries were spicier than the yellow ones. The white sauce is called raita and consists of yogurt with grated cucumbers, onions and carrots, and is usually served with the biryani. The orange sauces were thicker and more curry-based, with different ingredients such as potatoes, lentils and chickpeas, which all went really well with the thick chapattis. To me, this is the perfect dish for anyone who gets bored from eating the same type of food constantly as you can try out a wide range of different sauces with different breads and rice.

The sauce with the little balls in it actually turned out to be some sort of sago/tapioca dessert called kheer- a tapioca pudding flavoured with saffron, cardamom and nuts. I thought that whilst the texture of this dish was nice, it was a little bit too cloyingly sweet for my liking.

photo 4

photo 5The biryani was lightly spiced and moist, and tasted great with the sauces and kheer.

Overall, I had a very nice meal at Woodlands. I’d definitely recommend it to those who are looking for something different other than chicken korma and tandooris, as well as vegetarians.