Favourite Hong Kong Eats

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Although I am by no means a food connoisseur, I’d definitely consider myself to be a bit of a glutton. Here are some of my favourite places to grab a bite  in Hong Kong:

1.  Nishiki (TST)

  • I love their tsukune , yakitori and rice bowls. The chicken+ cheese spring rolls are also amazing!DSC_0404

2. Australian Dairy Company (Jordan)

  • For the best egg sandwiches you’ll ever taste. Come here for the food, not the service. I also like their steamed egg and milk puddings.DSC_0567

3. Sushi Hiro (TST)

  • A Japanese restaurant that I frequently visit. They have lots of set lunches on offer and their sashimi is always really thick-cut and fresh. Service is a little rushed at times though.

4. Hop Shing (Kowloon City)

  • My favourite 糖水 (tong sui) place in Hong Kong. My personal favourite here is the purple rice pudding in coconut milk, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (椰汁紫米露), though they also do a lot of healthier desserts too.


5. 永興豆漿王 (Kwun Tong)

  • Great tofu pudding tucked away in a corner stall in Kwun Tong. It’s a little hard to get to though, and there isn’t much to see in the area apart from a huge shopping complex.


6. Peking Garden (TST, various locations)

  • My favourite place to eat Shanghainese food in HK- great for large groups.

7. Sweet House Cha Cha (TST, various locations)

  • I love their matcha soft serve and matcha custard Oobanyaki. Personally I like this place more than the super popular Via Tokyo, and also because it’s a lot closer to where I live!

8. 合益泰小食 (Sham Shui Po)

  • Best cheung fun I’ve ever tasted- silky smooth and dirt-cheap.

photo 1

9. Nobu (TST)

  • Generous servings at reasonable prices, especially for lunch. Provides amazing views of the HK harbour and amazing service.

    Nobu Signature Bento Box

    Nobu Signature Bento Box Part 2

10. Mammy Pancake (Hung Hom)

  • Love their chocolate gai dan jai which has little melted chocolate chips incorporated into the batter…it is so decadent and moreish.DSC_0349

11.  Lin Heung (Central)

  • An old-style Hong Kong Chinese restaurant- be prepared to push and shove for dim sum!

12. Law Fu Kee (Central)

  • I come here whenever I’m craving congee. They also do really good fried crispy carp balls served with a salty clam sauce.

13. Gaylord (TST)

  • Delicious Indian food. It’s a little bit costly for dinner but the environment is nice and comfortable, and they do lunch buffet sets too!

14. Mong Kok chestnut stall

  • My favourite winter snack foods are roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and quail eggs. The best place I’ve tried is a little hawker stall in Mong Kok- they’re usually situated on the walkway that goes to the Grand Century Place mall on Yim Po Fong St.

15. Mak Man Kee Wonton Noodles (Jordan)

  • This place is located RIGHT next to Australian Dairy Company- I usually grab a sandwich and then come here for their delicious wonton noodles. The wontons are plump and juicy and full of prawns, and the texture of the noodles are perfect.

..and more to come!




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