Broadway Market, Hackney

The weather in London has been quite pitiful recently, but under no circumstances should that deter gluttons from venturing out of their warm homes in search of food.  Last weekend, I decided to go to Broadway Market- a place that has been on my hypothetical ‘bucket list’ for quite some time, and my experience there can be summed up in one sentence: I will definitely be back again soon!

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Review: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Hampstead

Do you get those days where you just wake up craving Indian food? I definitely do! Luckily for me, a trip to Paradise really hit the spot with its warm ambience and delicious, refined Indian dishes.

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Donburi at Dondonya, Mong Kok

Dondonya Shokudo

Address: 1/F, Hung Wai Building, 3-5 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

It’s no surprise that I’m addicted to Japanese food, particularly cheap, tasty and filling Japanese dishes. Dondonya manages to satisfy all three of these criteria through its selection of low priced donburis, udons, and curries. The day I went it was quite empty as it was around 3pm- quite late for a lunchtime, and hence very easy to get a seat.

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The interior of the store was fairly clean but we were seated at a table where the hot air from outdoors kept spilling in.

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Above shows the menu with the selection of rice bowls and udons available- each order comes with a free drink, and you can add HK$10 for appetizers such as corn or fried chicken. We settled for the Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl (HK$48) and Fried Pork with Ginger Sauce Rice Bowl (HK$45), and added a side of fried chicken.

photo 3 (2)The Chicken and Egg rice bowl had the perfect proportion of chicken to egg to rice, and the chicken was tender and flavoursome. However, the egg was a bit too undercooked in places for my liking, although when mixed with the rest of the ingredients tasted okay overall.

photo 4 (1)The Fried pork with ginger sauce rice bowl came with 3 slices of pork- which doesn’t seem a lot but when you pull apart the pieces into separate bits you could actually fit in a small slice of pork with each bite of rice. The ginger flavour complemented the sweet tasting pork and the dish also came with fried onions scattered throughout the meal. I also incorporated the pickles served at the side for that extra sweet “kick” to go with the onions and ginger.

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As for the fried chicken- well you can’t really wrong with fried chicken, can you? (shoutout to Minnie who can definitely vouch for this)

Overall the meal was delicious and not pricey at all. I’d definitely recommend it 🙂