Guide to Paris: Eating and Exploring

I went to Paris in February for three days and had an amazing time. Although it wasn’t my first time in the City of Love, there’s just something so beautifully magical about this city- I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s definitely a place worth visiting whether you’re a glutton, a history buff, or a shopaholic, or all of the above! I hope this post inspires you if you’re planning a trip to this amazing city. Enjoy!Paris Continue reading


Review: The Slow Richies, Bloomsbury

The other day, I was perusing Buzzfeed (as you do) and came across The Slow Richies in this article. Upon realising that they were currently in residence at The Jeremy Bentham, a pub located smack bang in the middle of my University campus, I knew I had to try them out ASAP before they left…and so I did! 🙂 the slow richies the hog sandwich Continue reading

Review: Australian Dairy Company, Jordan

Australian Dairy Company

Address: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

DSC_0576No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to Australian Dairy Company. Despite its name, there is nothing “Australian” about the place at all- it’s actually a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant best known for its egg and milk based products, including their scrambled egg sandwiches and steamed milk puddings (“dun lai”). Don’t expect to have a leisurely 2 hour lunch date with your friends here- famed for its notoriously rude service you’ll be given your food approximately 20 seconds after ordering and you’re expected to eat and then leave- this is “fast food” and the efficiency of Hong Kong culture at its best.

I’ve been eating here ever since I was in primary school, and the moment I bit into that fluffy, light-as-a-cloud egg sandwich, I knew that I would be a convert for life.

10 years on and nothing much has really changed- the food remains the same, the waiters are still rude (or brisk, if I were to put it more politely) and for some strange reason I find that slightly comforting- like everything around me is constantly changing but there are still some things that remain constant.Philosophical musings aside, on the night that we went there, we were immediately ushered onto a shared table and ordered our food. As usual the entire place was packed- I suggest coming here sometime in the early evening during a weekend as it can get really busy during lunch hours. 


DSC_0563I order the same thing every time I come here- an egg and ham sandwich with toasted bread. I can never get enough of that thin layer of crunchy, chewy bread- followed by the fluffiest, light-as-a-pillow scrambled eggs with that natural egg juice seeping out as you bite into it – and the sweet ham which just adds that extra depth of flavour to the dish. So simple but so good…I could probably eat their scrambled eggs everyday and not get bored!


^ look at that amazingly fluffy egg!

I’d also like to add that I really love how thick their scrambled eggs are- they’re so thick that it basically makes the entire sandwich sag and deflate- in a good way of course. I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes them so lusciously rich and bouncy- butter or cream, perhaps? For messy eaters such as myself, thin paper tissues are provided to make your experience slightly less hassle-free.

DSC_0562The macaroni here is also pretty good- bouncy pieces of the U-shaped noodle with a clear broth. My favourite part? Pulling the sunny-side egg apart to reveal that glorious yellow yolk, which tastes great with the noodles, ham and soup.

DSC_0566For dessert, the “dun lai” or steamed milk pudding is an obvious choice. Available hot or cold, this dessert isn’t too fulling nor overly sweet, and tastes richly of milk. They also have “dun dan” available- steamed egg pudding which is also just as delicious.

If you’re a tourist, Australian Dairy will probably seem like a daunting place to go for a meal, but I feel like it’s worth going to- it really captures the fast-paced, often overly anxious lifestyle so many Hong Kongers are part of. Whilst its often nice to just sit in a cafe for hours and chill, this place portrays the other side of Hong Kong in a really special way. Plus you get amazing scrambled eggs.

Note: This place is CLOSED on Thursdays. It’s a pretty random date so I always forget and end up going there empty handed 😦 So don’t make the same mistake that I did!